ArtsEd4All (Arts Education for Awareness and Life-long Learning) is an informal collective of educators, artists, scientists, civic institutions and community organizations, who enjoy working together to create meaningful arts experiences for all to enjoy.

ArtsEd4All was established in 2011 with an email and a digital storybook sent to the members of the art committee at Rooftop Alternative K-8 School in San Francisco. With a collective knowledge gained from many years of working in public school classrooms, the ArtsEd4All Team is still exploring, learning and growing, having fun, finding new ways to build community through awesome experiences in art-making. We are grateful that the arts have enriched our lives, and we continue to explore the importance of the arts to the human experience. Our love of learning extends beyond walls and the ringing of bells.

ArtsEd4All Project Team

Andi Wong, Project Coordinator / Teaching Artist

Angel Island Insight Project Team:

  • Janice Fong
  • Mara Grimes
  • Betsy Halaby
  • Joanie Juster & Mark J. Mitchell
  • Norma Rodriguez
  • Judy Toupin
  • Antigone Trimis
  • Margaret Warren, ImageSnippets
  • Chris Wong
  • Megan Wong
  • Young Wong
  • Victor Yan

With special thanks to:

  • Huang Ruo & Del Sol Quartet
  • The Last Hoisan Poets – Genny Lim, Flo Oy Wong & Nellie Wong
  • Ed Tepporn, Angel Island Immigration Station Foundation
  • Russell Nauman, Angel Island Immigration Station Foundation
  • Casey Dexter-Lee, State Parke Interpreter, Angel Island State Parks, US Immigration Station
  • John Claggett, State Park Interpreter, Angel Island State Parks, US Immigration Station
  • Angel Island Tiburon Ferry
  • The Presidio Theatre
  • Julie Soo, Esq.
  • Palma You, Angelo Racelis & Shou Zhang, Chinese Historical Society of America
  • Genevieve Leung, Associate Professor, Asian Pacific American Studies, University of San Francisco
  • Jing Jing Yang, Cupertino Poet Laureate
  • Claire Varesio, Santa Clara County Library
  • Kathy Bruin, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
  • Kari Gray, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
  • Grant Din
  • Lenora Lee, Lenora Lee Dance
  • Sandra Halladey
  • The Jade Snow Wong Family
  • Meg Partridge, Imogen Cunningham Trust
  • Lenore Chinn
  • Mark Shigenaga
  • Christine Huhn
  • Lilli Lanier
  • Don & Eric Tow
  • Meixian Li
  • Chrislyn C. Choo
  • Edmond Xu, Hoisan Sauce
  • Denise Looney, Hartman Studios; SF Wednesdays
  • Denis Donis
  • Brenda Wong Aoki & Mark Izu, First Voice
  • Wendy Hanamura, Internet Archive
  • Susan Moffat, Love the Bulb
  • Verna Liza Caba, FRIENDS of the Commission on the Status of Women
  • Cheryl Ball & C.K. Itamura, Book Arts Roadshow
  • Dianne Feinstein Elementary School

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